Doing business in China. Our story.

Tracopen is a specialist in the producing and purchasing of products from China. Because of this we are your shortest route to the Far East.

Who we are

Tracopen: your shortest route to the far East.

Tracopen is the specialist in the producing and purchasing of products from China. From consumer products, b2b-products and intermediates to business gifts and promotional items. Our clients include leading retail-chains, mail order companies and promotional distributors, in and outside the Netherlands.


Tracopen: the specialist in the producing and purchasing of products from China.

At the end of the 1980s we first settled on Chinese shores. We knew it right away: this is where it will happen! We saw opportunities in all kinds of markets, but especially in product adjustments and customization. More than two decades later Tracopen is the specialist in products from China.


Knowledge of the market.

The Chinese market is large and complex. And it is not easy to make sure that the process from production to delivery runs smoothly. However, we were not beginners since we had been active in the Chinese market before for previous companies. We knew our way around the jungle of suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers. And just as important: we knew the Chinese culture and etiquette.

Because believe us: everything is completely different there. You have to be completely aware of how to negotiate. You also have to know the laws and regulations (compliance, labeling), and the export formalities require specific knowledge and experience.

Total care

You have nothing to worry about.

Do not ask us to deliver next week already, because as a specialist in specific product adjustments and customization we do not keep a supply. Thankfully, this way your product always stands out and always meets expectations. Yet still, we deliver quickly. Our entire process is geared towards it. We arrange everything dealing with production and importation, so you as a client have nothing to worry about.

A comforting thought, especially because we will be taking the risks upon ourselves. Which we take with the trust in the quality of our service. Because of this we have never delivered an order late, so you can place your trust in us.

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