Need a customized product from China?

Producing and purchasing from China can be quite a challenge. Trust us. We know the Chinese market through and through. And deliver the customized product that you need.

Pure product customization

We work your idea into a full product and ensure the best price-quality and fast delivery.

Completely unburdened

We arrange everything for you. From product development to delivery at your door.


With over 25 years of experience, we are the specialist in the production and purchase of customized products from China.

What we do

Together we’ll actualize the products that contribute to your profits.

Our clients include leading retail-chains, mail order companies and promotional distributors, in and outside the Netherlands. They choose specifically for Tracopen.

We always find the manufacturer that you need. We will negotiate the price, quality and delivery on your behalf. We lead the production and make sure that you receive your order on schedule. The result: profit for you and your customer.

How we work

Our promise: the best price, quality and a fast delivery.

Since the late ’80s we have been active in China. We would like to extend our expansive knowledge of the local market, culture and etiquette to you and your customers. Our promise: the best price, quality and a fast delivery. We achieve all of this in four steps:

Klanten kunnen ons het beste omschrijven

En zijn enorm enthousiast over onze producten

We work together with (inter) national premium partners

And also with local companies

Your shortest route to the Far East.

Tracopen is the specialist in the production and purchase of products from China. From consumer products, b2b products and semi-finished products to business gifts and promotional items. We tailor these products to your specific wishes. If required, we can supply custom work.

We have direct contact with hundreds of suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers in China. We know how to conduct the negotiations. And we also take care of the process for you. Including the export and transport, the customs clearance and of course: a correct delivery.