What do we do? Everything.

Producing and purchasing in China can be quite a challenge. We will arrange this for you, from development and production to importation.

What we do

Development, production and importation from China.

If you want to produce and purchase in China you have to be aware of how and with whom you conduct your business. We are experts in the local market, culture and etiquette. We work with the best manufacturers and know how to negotiate. Above all we strive for sustained collaboration and for transparency in communication.

What do we do for you? Everything. From development and production to importation.

Product development

We invent products that provide you with profit.

Do you have a budding idea for a product? An elaborate design? Or do you brainstorm a distinctive design? Use us however you want. We are the developmental brainstorm partner for multiple high-profile clients. We will help you with development and packaging, with the proper quality and appearance.


Development and production from China.

We will find the best manufacturer for your order, guaranteed. In China we do business regularly with around one-hundred and fifty manufacturers that we have carefully selected, and with whom we have excellent experiences. Their expertise and production capacity are calculated for large orders, product adaptations and customization.

They work quickly and produce on a tight schedule, in the desired quality, and for a competitive price.


We will arrange everything.

We guarantee the efficient and problem-free importation of your order. We arrange the export from China, the transport, and the clearance into the EU. And of course: the accurate delivery at the location of your choice. We achieve this with our insight into the Chinese culture and etiquette and the knowledge of the actual laws and regulations. Delivering to a customer? We are very discrete and it will seem that we delivered the product out of nowhere.

Klanten kunnen ons het beste omschrijven

En zijn enorm enthousiast over onze producten

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    Jeroen Schaftenaar
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We work together with (inter) national premium partners

And also with local companies

Your shortest route to the Far East.

Tracopen is the specialist in the production and purchase of products from China. From consumer products, b2b products and semi-finished products to business gifts and promotional items. We tailor these products to your specific wishes. If required, we can supply custom work.

We have direct contact with hundreds of suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers in China. We know how to conduct the negotiations. And we also take care of the process for you. Including the export and transport, the customs clearance and of course: a correct delivery.